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Jungle VR is the French leader in the development of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) training courses for companies.

AR & VR Training

VR is a revolution for learning. There is evidence that a virtual reality (VR) experience is imprinted in the brain in the same way as a real memory.

We develop training courses in partnership with your company, our pedagogical experts, health and safety experts and consultants in order to meet standards and good practices and thus make learning immersive, fun in order to increase training retention. All our training courses are monitored and scored.

We specialise in training for industry and HSE/QSE areas. But more generally, Jungle VR supports the digital transformation of companies and industry thanks to virtual reality (Industry 4.0)

At Jungle VR, we believe that technology should be at the service of the educational purpose. This is also the case for our augmented reality (AR) software for maintenance assistance in industry or our VR software for model review.

Health & Safety Training

Jungle VR has, since its creation, specialized in occupational health and safety training.

Our occupational health and safety training courses in virtual reality (HSE prevention, QSE) make it possible to drastically reduce risks in the field and to instil a safety culture in the company.

We offer our customers tailor-made developments or off-the-shelf training. our catalog includes VR electrical risk (LOTO), VR fire safety, VR construction risk hunting, VR logistics / warehouse risk hunting, VR office risk hunting, falls, TMS, cybersecurity, agile method, deconfinement in companies (covid19).

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Tailor-made training

We put immersive technologies (VR & AR) at the service of Industry 4.0 and construction. We develop your business universe (Automotive, Construction, Chemicals, Defense, Energy, Pharma, Transport, etc.) with realism and put employees to the test with more than real scenarios. Operators learn technical gestures as well as sequences through active pedagogy. It also makes it possible to keep business knowledge within the company while valuing the work of operators.

We can include stressful scenarios and risks (HSE, QSE) in order to test their ability to react in particular cases. Training is becoming more efficient than ever and costs are greatly reduced thanks to virtual reality and augmented reality.

We create realistic and immersive training courses that replace 2/3 of physical training while removing risk (Health & Safety) and geographical constraints.

Off-the-shelf training

We offer a catalog of off-the-shelf QHSE training courses in virtual reality to save you time and development costs while offering you training that is always relevant and up-to-date:

Electrical risk, fire safety, construction risk hunting, warehouse risk hunting, office risk hunting, height risks, fall risks, MSDs, road risks, HACCP, cybersecurity awareness, agile Scrum management training.

Our catalog is constantly growing.

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We can distribute your training to hundreds of training organizations, large companies and SMEs.

Training Platform & LMS

All our training courses can be managed and updated remotely thanks to MDM management.

In SCORM format, training courses can be perfectly integrated into your LMS. Thus, you have access to an online dashboard (web and mobile) that allows you to manage training according to your employees thanks to attribution criteria. You also manage the score of all learners on a single admin and see the evolution of skills, individually but also collectively.