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Create your Metaverse department by onboarding our developers and graphic designers.

Consultants Metaverse

For the past 5 years, Jungle VR has been creating immersive environments for its customers. These environments, sometimes autonomous, can also be integrated into Metaverses or into your future metaverse.

If you want to internalize a Metaverse department, Jungle VR operating as an IT services company can support you by structuring it by placing employees from its team within your company: 3D graphic designers, VR, VR, AR, network, Metaverse, AI or Blockchain developers).
For more information, contact us on hello@junglevr.io

Art & NFTs

Jungle Future® is a technology studio dedicated to digital art and the creation of NFTs.

We create your NFTs using a smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain, then distribute them on the various partner platforms.

Our team of graphic designers and developers (2D, 3D, VR, AR, AI, Blockchain, Crypto) is at the service of the creative ideas of artists and brands, especially those who do not master digital and technological tools.

If you run a museum or art gallery and plan to recreate it in 3D or virtual reality (VR), go to the Real Estate section.

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