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Jungle VR is the French leader in the development of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) training courses for companies.

The Sanofi Project - Chemistry Training

Sanofi Chimie called on Jungle VR to develop virtual reality training on reactors. The learner can choose to carry out the training with 2 levels of difficulty that adapt according to the technician’s actions.

This training includes more than 150 actions divided into several sequences.

The learners were able to train on these different industrial machines in virtual reality while the real unit was still under construction.

Duration: 30 to 60 min.

The experiment is being rolled out to the HTC Vive headset in select Sanofi factories.

IFPEN: Virtual Reality Tour of the Sandstone of Annot

Welcome to the virtual Field Trip in the field of geology.
Jungle VR has created a virtual reality software for IFPEN to collect field data taken by drone in order to visualize in virtual reality the rocky outcrops of the world.

The first experiment focuses on the Sandstone of Annot where the user can move without risk, like a bird, in front of the outcrop.

To help understand the global panorama, the data collected by IFPEN’s experts will also be part of the journey, as will the sedimentological logs or the interpreted horizons.

Finally, in order to be guided and enjoy an enriched experience, the virtual traveler will have access to points of interest related to all types of training materials (photos, videos, documentation and scientific articles), as if you had a personal teacher!

SPIE: Factory 4.0 and connected city in VR

Jungle VR has developed a virtual reality experience for SPIE Facilities that immerses users in a 4.0 factory that is an integral part of the connected city of the future.

This interactive real-time 3D experience was developed for the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 standalone headsets.

Sanofi WebXR

Jungle VR has developed an interactive 360° virtual reality experience using WebXR for Sanofi.

WebXR, an innovative technology, means that the virtual reality experience is visible through a simple URL. So, if you don’t have a virtual reality headset, you can still view and interact with the experience on your tablet, smartphone or computer and share it on any device without downloading an app.

This experience is used to communicate internally about the innovative technologies used by Sanofi in the chemical industry. This experience, currently reserved for Sanofi, may be used in the near future to communicate about the sector, the professions and the employer brand.

WebXR is a very simple technology to deliver for frictionless deployment.

The project: IT-CE – Groupe BPCE

This agile scrum training course was developed into an interactive 360° video for the Oculus store. (Samsung Gear and Oculus GO)

It is part of an “agile” training course within IT-CE.

It has been rolled out to employees on Samsung S8 and Samsung Gear virtual reality headsets.

Duration: approx. 30 min.

Training: E.Leclerc Drive Logistics

Main objective: To optimally prepare orders for supermarket drive-through customers.


  • Discover the environment of a logistics warehouse
  • Learn how to handle the scanner that guides the operator in picking
  • Understand the procedures to carry out picking in an optimal way
  • Control the indications provided and the location of the products

Score: all our training courses include a scoring dashboard.

The FAYAT project - The connected city of the future

This experiment, developed for the Fayat Energie Service Group (France’s 4th largest construction group), presents the connected city of the future where we modelled Paris and its sewers.

You can move around Paris, repair the lights, evolve in the sewers and fly over Paris in a helicopter.

The experience, developed on HTC VIVE in real-time 3D, was unveiled for the first time at the Salon de Maires in November 2017

Bouygues Construction Project

Bouygues Construction used the IMMERSPACE® software in order to be able to involve more stakeholders (project managers and customers) in the design of the homes and thus facilitate the choice of materials and options. IMMERSPACE® allows this model review while freeing up time for BIM managers.

Training: Electrical Hazards

In the field of prevention (HSE, QSE) we have developed a catalog of off-the-shelf training courses available now on HTC VIVE, including this training on electrical risk. Main objective: To carry out a safe electrical lockout on a low-voltage cabinet.

– Understand where electrical hazards come from
– Learn how to protect yourself
– Mastering the condemnation

Pedagogical methods:
– Role-playing (active pedagogy)

– Pre-identification
– Voltage Absence Check

Electrical Hazards:
– Danger of separation
– Lack of PPE
– Dangerous viewing

– B1

Duration: approx. 15 min

Device: HTC VIVE

Score: all our training courses include a scoring dashboard.